#3 The Pod with Nathan Gray of Nathan Gray & The Iron Roses, boysetsfire

The third episode of "The Pod With..." is live after a small delay, and my guest is one of my favorite artists, Nathan Gray of Nathan Gray & The Iron Roses. Some of you may also recognize him as the voice and face of post hardcore heroes boysetsfire. Now, if you know me, you know my deep respect and admiration for Nathan both as an artist and as a person so being able to have an almost hour-long discussion about music and politics was something I was really looking forward to. 

Nathan is about to release his third solo album, titled "Rebel Songs" and the timing for this interview honestly couldn't be better. Always vocal about social inequality, advocate for the less fortunate and conscientious of injustices, after a long battle with himself he flies the flag of revolution through creation and not destruction.  

In our chat, we discuss making social commentary through art, how revolution comes from personal growth and the importance of creating safe spaces in music. Unfortunately I faced some minor technical issues towards the end, so apologies, please bear with me and enjoy our otherwise very interesting conversation.

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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNLPScfsL5YGrRmHghd_Btw

Ore-order "Rebel Songs" here and make sure to catch Nathan and his group of rebels in Europe in December.