#1 The Pod With Fabienne Erni


Eluveitie is a household name in the European metal scene and with good reason. The band has rightfully earned a place in the pantheon of folk metal by combining heavy guitars with their patrimonial legacy; endless beds of greenery, the Gaelic language, the Celtic mythology and of course the many traditional instruments. 

Singer and harpist Fabienne Erni joined the band in 2017, bringing in a new creative element, a unique voice tone and her undeniable lungs of steel. Fabienne released two albums with the band, before announcing her new project with Eluveitie guitarist Jonas Wolf. Illumishade released their debut album last year and in the months that followed, the singer continued her creative journey by uploading acoustic covers on Youtube and eventually even started a Patreon, which grew into a vibrant community.

In the pilot of our new podcast, Fabi talks about her career so far, her projects, and goes in depth about the pros and cons of platforms like Patreon.

You can watch the vidcast on Youtube below:

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