#2 The Pod With Tobi Duncan from Trash Boat

For anyone familiar with the pop punk genre, Trash Boat frontman Tobi Duncan is a figure that stood out. A talented singer with a distinctive voice, openly bisexual and a vocal LGBTQ advocate, Tobi is considered an icon in his scene and quite rightly. Trash Boat's latest album, "Don't You Feel Amazing", saw a change –or more precisely, a transition- in the lyric subjects. Tobi’s approach is more straightforward, more blunt, as he touches on various issues and conveys important messages, opening up a dialogue that feels much needed.

Recently, Trash Boat fell victims of censorship themselves while performing at the Heavy Music Awards, with Twitch shutting down the stream for violation of the terms of use. Witty and well-spoken, he discusses the incident, representation and visibility in the music industry and the expression of identity through art.

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